Places to Stay: 

​1. Uluwatu- Lullaby Bungalows 

-Great location, cheap price compared to other locations, beautiful grounds, free breakfast every morning, nice pool, beautiful rooms, outdoor shower (we loved), can rent scooter from hotel for around $5 a day(great way to get around).  

​2. Gili meno-airbnb 

-Great price, but wouldn't stay here unless you are looking for a really cheap places. Was only $12 an night but was very hot without AC & bathroom is downstairs. Had a cute porch below though & was good for a local experience.

3.Gili trawangan-airbnb

-​Loved this hotel, each room has a view of the pool, great AC, very kind staff- can arrange snorkeling tour for you, breakfast included (delicious banana pancakes with chocolate sauce), beautiful grounds, can rent bike from hotel. 

​4. ubud-Honeymoon guesthouse

-LOVED!!! Would only stay at this hotel in Ubud because we loved it so much! Gorgeous rooms, so much detail, most beautiful grounds (so fun to just walk around and explore), delicious breakfast, & great spa treatments (spa room is nothing special but the spa treatments are amazing & such a great price), yoga in the morning(have to pay), close to so many great restaurants & walking distance from the Sacred Monkey forest (15 min walk), beautiful pool, staff is amazing & you really can't beat staying at the Honeymoon Guesthouse. 

The Lullaby Bungalows was such a great place to stay! My friend, Chelsea, had stayed there & told me about it & I'm so glad she did. There were only about 3 other couples staying there & we each had our own little grass roof bungalow with a huge outdoor shower. The grounds were beautiful & the outdoor breakfast area had the prettiest view.

​​​​ Here are my favorite things that we did in Uluwatu:

Surfing at Bingin beach: It was sooo incredible being able to surf in a different country & to be surfing in warm water again!!! I have missed that sooo much!!! I knew I wanted to surf, but we weren't planning on going that day, but we saw a sign for a beach, followed it, & ended up at a staircase going down to a beautiful beach. We walked down the hundreds of steps, & the waves looked fun so we rented a board. It was so much fun & I couldn't stop looking all around & just taking in the view. The water was crystal clear & there were gigantic cliffs on every side. It's definitely something I will never ever forget! Lately we have been going through lots of doctor treatments, tests, and getting blood work as we are have been trying to get pregnant the past 3+ years & every time I am getting things done I just picture surfing in Bali or the views on the beaches there to forget about what is happening. 

Nyang Nygang beach: After the first day, we realized that the beaches in Uluwatu were very crowded. One of my favorite things is having a whole beach to myself & so of course I started trying to find hidden beaches we could go to. We found Nyang Nyang beach and loved it so much we went there twice. It was hard to find and down a windy dirt road & then you walk a million steps down to the beach but once you get there, it is amazing & totally worth it! We got to have our own beach & it was so much fun swimming, relaxing on the beach ,& looking in all the little tide pools. There were actually some really creepy looking things! I found a blue starfish which I have never seen before!!! There were also tooons of sea stars, little water snakes, slugs, & these things that looked like huge bacteria... like I said creepy!!! There were tooons of the prettiest shells, so we collected a lot to take home! We stayed until sunset & then started the long hike back up, hoping it wouldn't get pitch dark before we got back to the top! We went a second day & stayed until sunset again. The sun setting over the tidepools & the huge mountains surrounding everything is a view I hope I never forget!

Blog Post: 


Every since going to college in Hawaii, I have wanted to go on a trip to Bali, Indonesia to surf & explore. I had several friends from Hawaii that had gone there and raved about. I was sooo excited when I found roundtrip tickets there for $800 this summer. After making a slideshow of all of the amazing things we would do there, I talked Nate into letting us buy the tickets. After that, I spent months researching everything we would do there. I love planning trips and having something to look forward to! Finally, the school year ended & it was almost time to go on our trip! 

We were flying out of LAX because flights are always so much cheaper from there, so we headed to San Diego to visit family & drop off our dog, Blitzen, and then headed to LAX with Nate's parents. We arrived 3 hours early & as we were checking on the computer, my passport kept saying there was an error. We headed to the front desk and were told we could switch our seats so we could sit together. We checked in our bags and then as they were scanning my passport, the attendant had a concerned look & went to get her manager. The manager proceeded to tell us that my passport was not valid for 6 months (it had 4 months left on it) & so we could not be admitted into Indonesia. We were both pretty shocked. I still had 4 months left on my passport and we would only be in Bali for 2 1/2 weeks. Neither of us had ever heard of anything about having to have your passport valid for 6 month before going there & we had entered our passport information & expiration dates when buying our tickets & nothing had come up to warn us of this. We took our bags and walked away, it didn't feel real.

Nate's parents came to pick us up & were so nice, taking us to Lemonade, a cute lunch spot. We realized our only options were getting my passport renewed as fast as possible and rebooking our tickets or not going on our trip. I was not about to not go on this trip & lose all the money we had already spent on it, so we set about working things out. Unfortunately, it was Memorial Day weekend & a Saturday, so we had to wait 3 days to find out if we could even get a renewed passport and switch our tickets. It was such a stressful few days & I know I was very grumpy & emotional. 

Finally on Tuesday Nate dropped me off at the passport agency in San Diego an hour before it opened. I got in line with a few other people & Nate ran to the courthouse to get a copy of our marriage license. Then we waited to meet with someone at the passport office and they were incredibly nice and told us my passport would be ready by 2. We called the airline agency & after talking to a very rude person who was going to charge us an insane amount, we were connected with a nice manager who changed our flights to that night at midnight for $800 total. We arranged with all the places that we were staying to switch the dates around (but still ended up having to pay about $200 for days we weren't there). We also ended up having our flights back be a week later (so we got to stay an extra 4 days) because coming back earlier was waaay more expensive. So, in the end our many prayers were answered and we were able to stay in Bali for 3 weeks instead of 2 1/2. 

We rushed to Nate's parents to repack and then headed back to LAX to check in for our flight. I felt soooo relieved when we were all checked in and sitting on the plane. From now on, I will always appreciate being able to be on a flight! We flew the 14 hours to Taipei, Taiwan & the whole time I was just so happy to be on that flight & on our way! We had a few hours in Taipei so we camped out by the free massage chairs which were amazing! Then we headed to get on our flight & saw it was delayed due to a storm. There was sooo much rain, lighting, & thunder & we were once again stressed, but after 2 hours of waiting, we boarded our flight and made it to Bali!!! 

The place we stayed our last 3 days! Unreal how beautiful it was! 

​Once we got to Gili Meno, we asked around and found the bungalow we were staying in. It was a raised hut with a big, open porch on the bottom level. The shower was detached & only had salt water (which was the same pretty much everywhere on the island, it was the tiniest island), & there was no ac. This was our part of the trip where we were trying to really experience the island life.. haha! It was really hot & humid there, so we didn't really sleep much in the hut, but it was still fun to be on Gili Meno for 2 days. 

Cooking Class: We took a cooking class together & it was SUCH a fun experience. Neither of us had ever done a cooking class & it was so fun to do one together & in a different country. The sweetest man named Ketut picked us up along with a few other people. He took us to the outdoor market & walked us around, explaining what different things were. Then he drove us to some rice patties & then to his house. It was such a beautiful house & it was really cool to hear him talk about the culture & living situation in Bali. They brought out these icy lime drinks for us & Ketut cracked some jokes & talked some more. He was soooo funny & the nicest old man. He kept saying "I love you all sooo much" & then some funny phrases that he had heard people say. We were all laughing so hard the whole time. Then he took us to the kitchen where his wife would be teaching the class. It was a HUUUGE kitchen that was covered but had no windows, so we had this beautiful open view of the jungle. For the next few hours, we were shown how to make dishes, worked together to make the dishes, & were given a lot of really cool information. Everyone in the class was soooo nice & it was really fun to talk to everyone! There were a lot of people from Australia & Europe & we were the only Americans! Everything was so organized & they had little breaks where you could watch cooking demonstrations. They had this really good herbal lemongrass, honey tea. I really just loved everything about the class! Afterwards, we ate all of the things that we had made & it was soooo delicious. After eating the meal, we made dessert & ate it. Then they gave us recipe books with all the recipes that we had made in them. 

The 2nd part of our trip was on two of the Gili Islands, Gili Meno for 2 nights & Gili Trawangan for 5 nights. We weren't exactly sure how we were going to get on the Gili Islands because whenever I was researching & when we were asking around, it was going to cost about $150 each to get there & back. We did not want to pay that much! We ended up getting a ride from our hotel to the ferry dock at 7am, knowing that the first ferries left at 8:30. It cost about $30 to pay the driver (2 hour drive). Then once at the dock, we asked around and were able to get round trip ferry tickets for $25 each. So overall it only cost us $80 instead of $300, totally worth it! The ferry ride was about 2 1/2 hours long & wasn't too bumpy. It was cool to see the view of Bali from the water too!

On one of the days, we went on a snorkeling boat trip arranged through our hotel. There were 3 other girls from our hotel going & we were meeting up with a bigger group. One of the hotel workers got us in the morning and we followed him in a line of bikes to the boat. On the boat, we stopped at 3 places & then had lunch on Gili Air (the 3rd island). The snorkeling was great & we saw some turtles & tons of fish & beautiful coral (some was neon pink)! At the last stop, they gave us bread that we could hold & have hundreds of fish eat out of our hands! It was soooo cool & one of my favorite things! There were the coolest looking neon fish that I loved! Lunch on Gili Air was delicious & the boat ride back was fun. 

We also rode our bikes to a good part of the island for snorkeling 2 days. We went right in the morning & had some amazing snorkeling! The first day we saw 3 turtles & followed them around for a long time. We followed one really far & ended up at a deep spot with tons of really cool coral & lots of big fish! The 2nd time we snorkeled there was our last morning on Gili Trawangan. 

Walking to Wilson's for a sunset dinner. 

We finally arrived in the Denpasar airport at 8:30pm. We were supposed to meet a driver from our hotel that would be holding a sign with our name. When we got past baggage we saw about 100 drivers holding signs with names. Finally we realized that we were looking in the wrong area & found him! It was dark on our drive to the hotel & we were tiredly tried to take in all the lights and cars zooming past. Driving is pretty crazy in Bali! We got to the Lullaby Bungalows where we were staying, dropped our things off, & walked down the road to an Italian place to get a margherita pizza (it just sounded so good after 24 hours of traveling). Then we went to bed and fell asleep immediately. 

Our time in Uluwatu was amazing. We spent our days riding around on a scooter, exploring sites, going to the beach, surfing, relaxing at the pool, & eating lots & lots of delicious food. We rented a scooter for our week in Uluwatu & it was so much fun riding it everywhere. I am not a scooter person, but they it was so perfect to ride around everywhere & be able to explore on our own. To get gas/"petrol" you just pull over on the road next to someone with glass tequila bottles full of petrol & it only cost $1 to fill up the tank. 

On our first day, we didn't have any plans, we just explored & randomly found Uluwatu Temple when driving around on the scooter. We pulled over & were so glad we did! They give you a sarong to wear when visiting the temple & you walk along a path with the most breathtaking view. I could not get over how pretty it was with the waves crashing along the cliffsides. The temple is right on the edge of the cliff. There are crazy monkeys that try & steal your sunglasses! It was such an awesome view though & I really can't even describe how pretty it was! It was a perfect way to start our trip! After the temple we went to Padang Padang beach. It was crowded, much more crowded than I thought it would be, but very pretty. We stayed & watched the sun go down & then headed back to the Bungalows.

​Tanah Lot Temple: One afternoon we took a trip over to the Tanah Lot Temple/ Bali Sea Temple/ Floating temple. At high tide it is completely surrounded by water and at low tide you can walk to the base of it & get a blessing. We couldn't decide if we should go at high or low tide & then just decided to go there in the evening so we could see the sunset. Unfortunately, it was cloudy & stormy when we got there, but it was still beautiful. It was cool to see the waves crash around the temple & walk around the cliffs above. I got a blessing from a priest & they sprinkle holy water from a spout coming out of the cliff & then put rice on your forehead & a flower behind your ear. It is always interesting seeing different cultural & religious traditions in other countries. We walked around the cliffs & just enjoyed the view.

​Elephant Safari Park: Another favorite day on our trip was going to the Elephant Safari Park! We hired a driver to give us a ride there & back & bought our tickets right at the Safari Park. Most people buy a package where it includes a hotel pickup and ticket to the park, but it was much cheaper for us to do this on our own. We got to the park right when it opened & were so glad that we did. We were almost the only people there & were the first ones to get to ride an elephant! Our elephant was named ding dong & was the largest elephant. His caretaker said that he started working with him when he was born & was really attached to him. We rode through the jungle & at one point, the elephant started tearing down some bamboo and eating it, it is crazy how strong they are! After riding through the jungle about half an hour, we went back to the park and through a big water hole! It was such an awesome experience!!! Afterwards, there were little elephants that you could feed sugar cane to and they kept putting there trunks out for it over & over again so fast & then they would hug you! It was so cool being able to feed  & interact with them. Later on, it got a lot busier, but the first time we fed them it was just us & the elephants! They also had a little elephant talent show where the elephants did a few tricks. You could tell that they treated the elephants really well & they were rescued from an area in Somali where the animals are hunted for sport, so sad. They each have their own caretaker who takes care of them starting when they are a baby. When we were about to leave, we saw this little elephant playing in the water hole area with a larger elephant. One of the workers said they were best friends & always played together. We just sat & watched them play in the water for like 20 minutes, it was so cute to see them playing around & spraying water! 

Riding the Scooter: Nate loved driving the scooter around & I liked being the passenger & being able to enjoy the view. When it was really hot in the middle of the day, we would ride the scooter around to explore new areas. At one point, we were looking for a beach & went down a dirt road to find a man with a huge gun. I have no idea what he was shooting, birds, monkeys, or something else.. but we got out of there fast! It was really fun just being able to drive around & explore & see so many pretty views. At the beginning, I kept being afraid we would tip over & when we would go on a turn, I'd lean the opposite way of Nate to try & balance it out.. haha! Then I learned this was not smart on a scooter, haha. It's funny, with the scooters there, people are just selling gas on the side of the road in old tequila & alcohol bottles. You pull over & they fill it up for you & it only costs $1.

Spa: We went to a gorgeous spa & got massages & I got a sugar scrub & it was awesome!!! So nice to relax after the stress of getting to Bali!

Food: Of course, food is a very important part of any trip! We ate at a lot of places in Uluwatu & everything was good but here are our favorites:

The food in Ubud was delicious, just like every place.It seemed like every place we stayed had the most beautiful jungle view. We loved the Casa Luna Restaurant & ate there twice, it had a top deck that you could sit on and was totally open to the jungle. The second night we ate their, it was stormy & it was so cool to see all the rain & lightening. We also ate at a restaurant called Indus that was good & had a beautiful view as well. Our favorite place that we ate was called Spice. We randomly found it walking down the road one night & ate their again our last night because we loved it so much. Everyone was so friendly there, you could sit & watch the chefs prepare your meal, & the food looked sooo beautiful, like a work of art! Even the drink I ordered was so pretty!!! We tried the fried chicken & veggie dumplings with coconut rice & both were sooo good!! Then of course we had to get dessert & got chocolate cake with jackfruit sorbet which I loooved! I also got some passionfruit jackfruit drink/smoothie that was the best!! We also really like Buddha Bowl, a place where you have to get a reservation because they only have a few tables. They only really have one thing on the menu, a noodle bowl, but you choose the broth, spiciness, and meat. It was really good & a fun atmosphere. There was some restaurant that I can't remember the name but we stumbled upon it when we were starving for dinner & every other place was full. I was thinking it wouldn't be that good because not many people were there but the decor was cool. It ended up being awesome!!! I had this awesome falafal wrap & smoothie (the smoothies in  Bali are just unbeatable & they are only like $2!). This place also had homeade chocolate TRUFFLES!!! They were soooo delicious, Nate was making fun of how much I loved them & let eat them all. I ended up ordering another order of truffles to go & coming back a few nights later to get 2 more orders. So in full, I ate about 16 truffles on my own... a little scary but you've got to do what you've got to do... Really all the food in Bali was amazing & each area had different things that we loved! Luckily we were hiking & moving around so much or I'm sure we would have gained 20 pounds!!!

Overall, we loved everything about Bali. Our favorite things were the surfing, beaches, hiking, temples, riding an elephant, cooking class, spas/massages, riding around the island on a scooter, rice terraces, monkeys, & all of the amazing food. We really just loved everything there & it was the trip of a lifetime. We really feel so blessed that we were able to go there & sooo thankful that everything ended up working out with getting there. We will always remember our Bali trip!!!!

Selfie taken by a monkey, haha! We were trying to take a picture & this monkey just jumped in front of the camera! You can see the baby monkey that it was holding too!  

​We got bikes at the hotel & used them to ride all around the island. Gili Trawangan was our favorite island of the two but it was nice to experience both of the islands. Every morning at breakfast, I got a banana pancake with dark chocolate syrup on it, sooo good. I had eaten pancakes for breakfast every single meal so far & was really sick of them until I had these ones! (Every place we stayed had either eggs or pancakes for breakfast & I hate eggs!) 

We had dinner at a restaurant called, Wilson's (Castaway), that was right on the beach every single night. We loved that it was right on the sand & had the prettiest sunset over the ocean every night. Also, the food was amazing! They had delicious bruschetta with fresh bread & really good main dishes (I had risotto for the first time & they also had really good dishes wrapped in banana leaves and roasted. Really everything was amaazing.) They also had the BEST chocolate mousse of my life! I had ordered the chocolate lava cake there our 1st night & they accidentally brought me chocolate mousse & it was really one of the best desserts. It had layers of dark chocolate, whipped cream, and a buttery crumble on top, sooo good! Anyways, I got chocolate mousse for dessert every night after except once when I got the lava cake & wished I had gotten the mousse!!! 

Here were our favorite things we did in Ubud:

Massages & Spa Treatments: One thing that I was so excited for was getting lots of massages & spa treatments. They are so cheap and just amazing! You can get an hour long massage for $7 and facials, body scrubs, etc. are so cheap too! We got swedish massages every day the whole time we were there, except for Nate who claimed he "needed a break from a massage" for a day, hahaha, crazy man! We also got 2 hot stone massages that were 1 1/2 hours of pure relaxation. My favorite spa treatment was called the Javanese Lulur & it was the best! It was an hour long massage, & then yogurt treatment, & then they fill a bath with tons of flowers for you. The spa lady who did my treatments was named Raining & she was sooo nice. I gave her an extra big tip the last day & she was so sweet  & just kept saying thank you over & over again, Everyone in Bali was so nice to us & we really loved the people there. 

​​After 2 days on Gili Meno, we took a private boat over to Gili Trawangan, the next island over that is a little bigger & more inhabited. The waves were kind of big that day & the person driving our boat looked nervous. The waves were crashing really big on shore & we had to jump off really quick but made it off just in time to not get soaked! We found the placing we were staying at, Belukar, & were immediately in love with it. It was a beautiful little resort that only had 8 rooms & a pool running along outside of each room. After staying in a hut & not sleeping much the last 2 days, we were so happy to be in a nice place with the ac blasting! 

Blue Point Beach: We went to Blue Point Beach once when it was crowded & once when there were only a few people, in the evening. That was one of my favorite evenings. We snorkeled around the rocks & saw lots of little fish. Then we walked along the coral to get to a part of the beach with only a few people & stayed there until the sun went down & we were the last people there. It was so nice just relaxing on the beach & watching the surfers in the huge waves. The sun shining on all of the tide pools was just gorgeous. Then we headed up the cliff. We bought some sarongs for family & an Uluwatu hat for Nate. Then we had dinner at Single Fin (a restaurant on the cliff overlooking blue point beach). It was awesome to be at the top of the cliff & watch be able to watch all the surfers. When it got dark, we had a perfect view of the lower level of the restaurant & it was so funny watching all the single people try & flirt & guessing what they were saying. Sooo glad I am past that stage in life now!!!

​Bali, Indonesia

We thought the Gili Islands would be the most relaxing part of our trip but Ubud was equally relaxing! We had 4 nights scheduled in Ubud & had 3 nights that we left open in case we wanted to choose a place while in Bali or extend a stay at a place. We ended up loving Ubud & decided to stay there 3 days longer. We stayed at the Honeymoon Guesthouse because we had heard such great things about it & I was so glad that we did. I have never been to such a fancy, beautiful, detailed hotel & it was also very affordable. We stayed in 2 rooms there, since our 1st room wasn't available the extra days. When walking around the hotel, we saw a huge porch with gigantic gold doors  & were just amazed by it. Luckily, it was available, so we spent our last few days there. The hotel also had a great breakfast & more options, so I got a chocolate croissant & fruit every morning! Every place we stayed also had the best fresh fruit juices. They usually had pineapple, watermelon, papaya, & banana to choose from, pineapple was our favorite!  Breakfast was served on the rooftop of the lobby & had a beautiful view & perfect for people watching everyone down below, haha!

While there, we walked all around the island to explore, saw the cutest baby sea turtles, snorkeled around the island, took naps on the big porch, & ate at restaurants on the beach every lunch & dinner. Both of the restaurants we ate dinner at had little huts that they built on the beach, so you each get your own little hut to sit & eat in. The little island is so laid back & we loved it!

Nate does not like cats & this cat kept following him everywhere!!! It would pop out of nowhere!!!

Best Places to Eat in Uluwatu: 

Single Fin (Blue Point beach): We looooved the spring rolls from Single Fin. They were the best we had (and we tried a lot on our trip). The curry was also really good. It also had the BEST view, on the top of a cliff, with a panoramic view of the ocean. It was really fun to just sit and watch the surfers & people watch all the single people at the restaurant trying to find a date, haha! Things like that always make me so glad I'm married & don't have to worry about trying to be cool.. 

Buddha Soul: Delicious lentil burger. Laid back atmosphere. We ate here twice because it was so good! Everything was so healthy & delicious.

Ulu Thai: best matsuman curry. Pineapple fried rice in a pineapple. 

Bukit Cafe: Nate had the best burger of his life here! The fries were also sooo good! I had the most amazing chocolate lava cake. It seriously exploded with dark chocolate when I took a bite & I have still been dreaming of that cake! They had this sugar cane lime juice that was delicious too! 

Tratorria: good pizza, gnocchi, & creme brulee. This was the first place we ate because we were starving from traveling for the past 24 hours, but it was good & we came back another night!

Nalu Bowls: Delicious dragon fruit bowl with lots of fruit, beautiful ocean view

Campuhan Ridge Hike: We did the Campuhan Ridge hike early one morning, before it got too hot. It was walking distance from our hotel & luckily Nate is amazing at finding places & found the road to go down quickly. The hike was short & had beautiful views of the mountains & rice patties. We met a girl from Europe & ended up walking with her & talking to her the whole time. One thing I really enjoy about traveling is meeting so many people from different countries. The hike ended in a little area with art galleries & we looked in one & started talking to the girl working there. She said her family owned the gallery & did all of the paintings inside. They were beautiful, so we bought one of the paintings to bring home! 

Tegalalang Rice Patties: The Tegalalang Rice Patties were beautiful & like nothing I have ever seen! So many levels & layers of rice patties & so much green everywhere! We walked through the rice patties & up & down the levels. Then we got lunch at a place right in the top part of the patties with the most beautiful view. I was craving spaghetti & coke for some reason & it was on the menu so I got it & it ended up being one of the best pasta dishes ever! It was so relaxing just eating slowly & enjoying the view. I really can't even explain how pretty it was there, just so many different colors of green & layer after layer of rice patties. It was one of my favorite views.​

Tegenungan Waterfall: On our last day, we went to the Tegenungan Waterfall. We had been unsure if we should go to the waterfall or not because we weren't sure how much money it would cost to get a ride there, but ended up deciding to go. We found a driver to take us there & back for about $15. I was so glad that we ended up going there. It was such a beautiful waterfall & the perfect way to spend our last day. The hike down to it was really just a few minutes of paved stairs. We ran down the stairs as fast as we could & jumped right into the water. It was really refreshing & you can actually swim through the waterfall! There is something so cool about standing underneath a huge, gushing waterfall!! We just hung out there, floating in the water, getting sprayed by the waterfall, & swimming back & forth through it for an hour & then ran back up the stairs to meet our driver. It was the perfect way to spend our last day! 


Sacred Monkey Forest: One of our favorite things in Ubud was the Sacred Monkey Forest. We actually ended up going there twice we liked it so much! The Honeymoon Guesthouse was less than a mile from the forest, so we walked there down a road with rice patties on both sides. I loved the view of the rice patties with the sun shining down on them. When we got to the forest, there were only a few people there since it was so early. We walked all around and I just could not get over how beautiful everything looked. There were sooooo many monkeys! We saw over 100 monkeys & there were lots of little baby ones that were playing around or hanging onto their mom. When we first got there, I sat down about 2 feet from a monkey to get a picture & it ran over to me and climbed onto my head, haha!!! I think the monkeys really like blonde hair, because they kept jumping on me but not Nate! One even untied my swimsuit top & tried to eat my shirt...! They were sooo cute though! You could also pay to feed them a banana & they would climb up you to grab the banana & then sit on your should to eat it. It was really cool just walking around & seeing the monkeys interact. One of my favorite things was seeing the monkeys swing through the vines, I felt like I was in Tarzan! There were also a few temples on the grounds, so it was cool to see those! We actually went back another morning because we loved it so much! 

We went to the same spot & saw another turtle & lots of fish again. I had had a great idea to save some of my banana pancake from breakfast to feed the fish, like we had done on our snorkeling trip. Also, previously, I had been researching & a lot of sites said the the Gili Islands have black striped water snakes that are extremely poisonous so  I had been a little worried we would run into one. So anyways, I swam back & ran up the beach to get my half of a pancake & then carefully swam all the way back to Nate, holding my pancake in the air. Right when I am about 3 feet from Nate a huge, black striped water snake zigzags and swims right in between Nate & I!!! I freak out, throw my pancake as far as I can & swim in as fast as I possibly can, just picturing the snake chasing me! As I am swimming, I hear Nate yelling something & think the snake must be either right by him or me! When I finally get to shore (we were pretty far out), Nate is still out swimming & has apparently found a turtle! I stayed on shore and then came out to just put my feet in the water as Nate was coming in. We were both standing in just a foot of water & are talking about the snake when ANOTHER black striped snake comes zooming, right in between us, looking like it was chasing a fish. We jumped out of the water & decided we were done with snorkeling then! I was just so glad that happened after we had so many fun days of snorkeling & being in the water otherwise I would have been so freaked out each time! 

Our time on the Gili Islands was awesome & relaxing & we were sad to leave!!! There's nothing like having a week when all you have decide on is which beach to ride your bike to & what to order for dinner. We headed on the ferry back to Bali & this time,we rode on the top, open area of the boat. The views were amazing & I loved seeing all the little islands & the mountains of Lombok as we sped by! 

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